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... Your store for low-wear woodworking.

We offer you a selection of sanding discs, dish wheels and burrs from various manufacturers for every purpose. Wether rough quick removal, sculpturing and sanding or detail work with burrs in various shapes, sizes and grits.

All discs and wheels fit most standard angle-head grinders with maximum speed of 1500 rpm.

All burrs come with either 3mm shaft for Dremel and Proxxon tools or with 6mm shaft for standard straight grinder tools.

Harrycane tools

Harrycane is a brand by the chainsaw artist Harald Kuhnt. He produces and assembles his tools personally and they are the result of extensive competitor observation to eliminate weaknesses and improve efficiency.

Protective gear

For safe and low-risk work and to protect health, appropriate protective equipment is essential. For working with rasping discs, we offer a selection of suitable safety gear.

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