Arbortech Tools

Arbortech Tools

The Arbortech tools made in Australia are unique, innovativ and each of them the solution to the problems of free-hand woodworking till that day.

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Product no.: IND.FG.400

Carving/Planning disc with 3 resharpable carbide blades that produce a planned-like surface. Suitable for grinders with 115mm diameter.

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Delivery weight: 0.3 kg

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Product no.: SAN.FG.200.60

Random sander adaptor for standard angle-head grinder with 5cm flexible rubber plate for exchangable sanding pads.

75.00 / set(s) *
Delivery weight: 150 g

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Product no.: SAN.FG.CLXXX25

Heavy duty sanding pads for the Arbortech Contour Random Sander

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Delivery weight: 30 g

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Product no.: IND.500.60

The Turboshaft is carving adaptor for standard angle-head grinder,  equipped with 2 carbide blades mounted on top for the use on wood writing, depts, widening holes and for shaping.

98.90 *
Delivery weight: 150 g

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Product no.: MIN.FG.510

The Mini-Turbo is the smaller version of the Arbortech Turboplane and fits on the Arbortech Mini Grinder.

115.00 / set(s) *
Delivery weight: 250 g

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Product no.: IND.FG.012

Arbortech replacement tooth plus srew. For replacement with the teeth of the Turboshaft, the Industial Woodcarver and the Mini-Turbo.

12.90 *
Delivery weight: 3 g

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Product no.: PCH.FG.300.60

A power tool to work on wooden writings or contours, as well as scu,lpturing.

208.90 *
Delivery weight: 2.3 kg

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Product no.: IND.FG.100

Wood carving and shaping disc with 3 replacable carbide blades

108.90 *
Delivery weight: 240 g

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Product no.: MIN.FG.014

Arbortech 2 inch mini cuttung blade for wood, soft material and aluminium for the use on the Arbortech Mini Grinder

29.90 *
Delivery weight: 53 g

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Product no.: IND.FG.115

Arbortech 115mm universal cuttin blade for wood, soft materials and aluminium.

58.90 *
Delivery weight: 275 g

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Product no.: SAN.FG.XXX25

self sticking sanding pads for Arbortech Contour Random Sander

from 9.50 / set(s) *
Delivery weight: 30 g
Product no.: ACC.FG.SHARP001

Flat file made from composites with diamond sharping area for resharpening the Arbortrech Turboplane and other cutting tools with tungsten carbide blades.

11.90 *
Delivery weight: 20 g

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Product no.: BAL.FG.2000

The Arbortech Ball Gouge Cutter is the first of its kind tool to undercut on sculptures and projects.

108.90 *
Delivery weight: 200 g

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Product no.: PCH.FG.0XX

Chisel in various forms or as a complete set for the Arbortech Power Chisel.

20.90 *

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Product no.: MIN.FG.600.60

The Mini Carver is the logical further development of the Mini Grinder and now has, among other things, a speed control and a dust extraction system.


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Delivery weight: 4 kg

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