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Product no.: Kaindl-WCG

Woodcarving disc with chainsaw-like blades made of hardened steel. Suitable for grinders with diameter of 115mm or more.

55.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

In stock

Product no.: Kaindl-DSS

Diamond sharpening burr for Kaindl Woodcarver Gold, Bayerwald Woodcarver and Rotarex Pro Carver 115

9.90 *
Delivery weight: 20 g

In stock

Product no.: Kaindl-Adapter

Adaptor for Kaindl Woodcarver Gold

1.50 *
Delivery weight: 3 g

In stock

Product no.: Kaindl-MSA

KAINDL-MULTISHAFT-collet adapter for angle grinder 115/125mm

89.90 *
Delivery weight: 350 g

In stock

Product no.: Kaindl-BSF

This tool turns your angle grinder into a belt sander.

38.90 *
Delivery weight: 300 g

In stock

Product no.: Kaindl-KB-BSF

Schleifband im 3er Pack mit Körnung nach Wahl für Kaindl Bandschleiffeile.

3.80 / pack(s) *
Delivery weight: 30 g
Product no.: KSC-115

The Super-Carver is the further development of the woodcarver and is now made of aluminum and equipped with 3 carbide blades.

134.90 / 5 piece(s) *
Delivery weight: 150 g

In stock

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